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Artificial Intelligence is the next step in the evolution of the energy, water and waste & recycling industries. AI will fundamentally alter our future by accelerating sustainable development and clean technology adoption.

The TechFocus is pleased to present the latest Artificial Intelligence: Transforming the Future of Energy and Sustainability report, based on a comprehensive literature review. The report is exclusively available to Techfocus Summit visitors.


AI Report

Key insights featured in the report include:

Waste Management:

  • Creating a circular economy through advanced recycling facilities
  • Introducing individual innovations such as smart bins
  • Automating and optimizing the collection and transportation of waste

Energy & Solar:

  • Predicting energy supply and demand
  • Tackling supply and demand in a smarter way
  • Making renewable energy production a more sustainable


  • How AI can help build better water infrastructure
  • Tackling water wastage while improving water conservation
  • Enabling smart farming: developing the next generation of agricultural techniques and assets

Smart Cities:

  • Smart mobility networks and solutions
  • Smart city cyber-security
  • Creating safe smart cities – AI in policing 
  • Delivering truly smart infrastructure
  • Enabling city-wide energy efficiency
  • Promoting sustainable urban planning

Top Artificial Intelligence Technology for 2020 

Artificial Intelligence Chips

Leading chip manufacturers such as Intel, Nvidia, AMD, and ARM are aiming to produce AI-powered chips to speed up the operations of applications that run on AI. An artificial intelligence application relies on the processors as it needs significant speed.

Artificial Intelligence Chips | Artificial Intelligence Technology

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Because an artificial intelligence model needs considerable speed, the performance of the processors is crucial for the efficient operation of these applications. It’s quite difficult for the CPU systems to complement such applications when the processes involve facial recognition and object identification which require complex mathematical computations in parallel.


In the coming period, performance improvements in artificial intelligence chips, NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), speech recognition, computer vision and so on applications are designed to run at full capacity and are thought to be an excellent solution to this problem.

 Intelligent Applications

Intelligent applications are enterprise applications with embedded or integrated artificial intelligence technologies to support or replace human-based activities via intelligent automation, data-driven insights, and guided recommendations to improve productivity and decision making.


Today, enterprise application providers incorporate AI technologies into their offerings and at the same time provide artificial intelligence platform capabilities from enterprise resource planning (ERP) to customer relationship management to human resource management and labor productivity applications.


Managers should challenge their packaged software providers to outline in their product roadmaps how they are incorporating artificial intelligence technology to add business value in the form of advanced analytics, intelligent processes, and advanced user experiences.


It is possible to say that any application produced as a solution to any problem will be equipped with artificial intelligence, and the companies with this perspective will make a difference in the future periods in which the application will increase the efficiency in the field where it is used.

Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity Systems

By the day, the complexity and scale of cyberattacks are increasing at a faster rate, and current defensive measures remain inadequate. When we wake up one morning, we can get the news that a virtual store we shop at has been cyber-attacked and that everyone’s credit card information has been stolen.


It is, of course, a sensible approach to hand over the protection of such big and important data against cyber-attacks to a superhuman algorithm.

AI in Cybersecurity Systems | Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends for 2020

Therefore, artificial intelligence cyber security systems will continue to play an important role in managing these attacks in the coming years. Using machine learning, organizations will be able to easily detect such security breaches and ensure that information security authorities take necessary measures in advance.

Artificial Intelligence in the Media and Entertainment Industry

Artificial intelligence (AI) does not seem to have penetrated the media and entertainment industry much, but the fact that last year, the world’s first artificial intelligence anchor presented the news proves to us how much different areas of artificial intelligence have spread.

World’s first AI news anchor | Artificial Intelligence in the Media and Entertainment Industry

World’s first AI news anchor | Artificial Intelligence in the Media and Entertainment Industry

The economics of gaming and movie production has a high cost. As an example, if we consider that only one in ten films is profitable, it is also a fact that the use of artificial intelligence in these sectors is inevitable.

We mentioned about Benjamin, an artificial intelligence who can write screenplays, in the content of Artificial Intelligence Art. It shouldn’t be too hard to see how many examples of artificial intelligence like this could take place in the media and entertainment industry in the coming period.

Intelligent Automation in the Workplace

Imagine that you order dinner in a restaurant and that order is served by robots. It may seem like a dream right now, but in the near future, they will become reality. Imagine how this technology can work in workplaces and production facilities!

 Intelligent automation takes process automation to a completely different level. Instead of just implementing and processing predefined steps, automation that works with artificial intelligence is becoming more and more self-evolving over time.

 When performing tasks and workflows, data obtained during processes can be used for process improvement purposes automatically in the future.


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What is Intelligent Automation? | Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends for 2020

Intelligent automation can also help identify and optimize best practices that enable managers to make more decisions that are more data-driven and therefore accurate. Although the development of this technology seems slower than others, we can say that we will continue to see it in certain areas of the business in the coming years.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants

Artificial intelligence assistants can simplify, automate, or even take away the jobs of employees in ordinary customer service and sales departments!


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We already have popular assistants like Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and Google Assistant. Many companies, especially technology companies, have started to use artificial intelligent assistants to perform basic tasks and develop them for various tasks.

 Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends for 2020

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Assistants | Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Technology Trends for 2020

It seems that in the coming years we will continue to see artificial intelligence assistants more in every aspect of our lives. By 2020, ComScore predicts that about half of all searches will be made by voice. Even this data can give us an idea of how much AI Assistant technology will improve in the future.

Artificial intelligence in healthcare

Leveraging AI for the future of healthcare poses challenge

Our Al-powered solutions address major challenges that are facing the healthcare field. Right now, the demand for diagnostic services is outpacing the supply of experts in the workforce. Developing solutions for managing this ever-increasing workload is a crucial task for the healthcare sector. Moreover, as the workload is growing, diagnostics and treatment are also becoming more complex. Diagnostic experts and physicians need a new set of tools that can handle large volumes of medical data quickly and accurately, allowing you to make more objective treatment decisions based on quantitative data and tailored to the needs of the individual patient. To provide this new toolset, we will need to draw on the power of artificial intelligence (AI).





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