Top Technology Robotic for 2020

    There are some technology Robotic  that fizz out over time and then there are the latest technology Robot that stay on the sidelines and then gain traction after it either gets major funding or an industry suddenly integrate it in their process.

    There are many such technologies that have already made their prominent mark in 2018 and are only a few more applications away from becoming mainstream. Those are the ones that we have listed as the upcoming and latest technology Robot that would become Robotic by the year 2020.

    Without further ado, here are the ten technology Robotic for 2020 –

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    The emergence of security robots is a new milestone in the evolution of security systems—an emerging stage of  technological development that brings the entire industry up to new standards of best practices expected in the profession of securing people and property.

    Industrial Robots, Healthcare , Military & Security , Consumer Robots , Education ,the need for human workers to ensure the safety of large facilities. Security robots are able to provide the highest level of security at a modest cost that is much lower than the wages of hired employees.

     Here you will find an overview of all industries that can benefit from our comprehensive product range and our  System Partnerships In addition, our Solution database , services , provides reports of a great many customer collaborations and projects that have been successfully implemented using Techfocus products.

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    At The Techfocus, we constantly strive to make the advantages of robots in the workplace accessible to all.With Techfocus training, we’ve lowered the automation barrier by making core programming skills available to robot users regardless of their robotics experience or backgrounds.This ensures that Small and Medium Enterprises will also be able to maximize the potential of their robots through complex applications in automation that raise production quality while increasing productivity with minimal additional cost and manpower requirements.

     Demand for robots in oil and gas is revving up at a fast pace

    Robotics in oil & gas

    Global Data’s latest thematic report, ‘Robotics in Oil & Gas’ discusses the growing prominence of robotics in the oil and gas industry amid increasing complexities in operations and sustained pricing pressure affecting profitability.

    Robotics in oil & gas

    Demand for robots is revving up at a fast pace, due to robots becoming progressively cheaper, smarter, more flexible and easier to train. This is making it easier for robots to infiltrate new industries and spawn new use cases at scale. The oil and gas industry has geared up to deploy robotics across a wide range of applications in the upstream, midstream and downstream segments, primarily to drive productivity and efficiency amid volatility in crude prices.

    Robotics offers the potential to automate repetitive, yet critical, tasks in field operations, such as taking readings from instruments, cleaning, and inspecting assets for signs of corrosion or wear. Recent technological advancements are enabling operators to deploy robots in terrestrial, aerial, and underwater configurations to carry out tasks that may be too risky to be undertaken by field personnel. Moreover, ageing infrastructure is necessitating regular inspection of these assets and autonomous drones are being used due to their sheer number and issues related to accessibility.

    In the last few years, although robotics has improved considerably in terms of usage and reliability in the oil and gas industry, the costs associated with these technologies is still a major deterrent. To overcome this concern, robotics technology providers and oilfield service providers are devising new business models, such as Robotics-as-a-service (RaaS) to drive the deployment of these technologies in field operations and reduce uncertainty over the total cost of ownership of robots.

    GlobalData’s thematic research identifies companies, such as Shell, ExxonMobil, Chevron, BP, Gazprom, Repsol, Equinor, Total, Saudi Aramco, Sinopec, and ADNOC, having considerable exposure to the robotics theme in the oil and gas industry.

    Techfocus Maintenance Service:

    At techfocus we believe in our robots and want our customers to have the best experience possible when using them. That's why we have a dedicated team to take your calls and help you through your issues anytime you need them. All of our team is well versed in the upkeep and maintenance of all the robots we have on offer, so we can provide you with the very best support when you need it. If your issue is one that can be fixed over the phone, well come to you and provide our top quality support on site.

    Leading technology providers and oil and gas companies in the robotics theme

    US dominating current and upcoming licensing activity in Q4 2020

    Globally in Q4 2020, 39 licensing rounds are open with 25 scheduled to close in the quarter, according to a report by Global Data entitled ‘QA 2020 Global Bid Round Outlook – US Dominating Current & Upcoming Licensing Activity’

    A total of 18 countries in nine regions are hosting 25 bid rounds scheduled to close during Q4 2020. The Angolan 2019 bid round offers the largest volume of acreage set to close this quarter.

    Africa is hosting the largest volume of licensing rounds in Q4 2020. Eight countries in Africa are hosting one licensing round each, while North America is hosting seven rounds and Asia is hosting six. Heading into 2020 and beyond, North America has the most reported licensing activity planned.

    Sample Robotic Technology Market Research Report

    Our Robotic Technology research includes hundreds of examples and Crowd sourced Consumer Insight®, hyperlinked to additional content on Trend Hunter, the world's #1 largest, most popular trend platform. Example slides:

    • Robotic Technology Trend Report Research Insight 1
      Everyday Robotics
      Automatic household devices illustrate a demand for high-tech convenience
    • Robotic Technology Trend Report Research Insight 2
      Robotic Friendship
      Consumers turn to robots for an efficient source of socialization
    • Robotic Technology Trend Report Research Insight 3
      Robotic Wellness
      Drones and robots become an integral part of the healthcare system
    • Robotic Technology Trend Report Research Insight 4
      Robotic Education
      Robots are enhanced to play a greater role in childrens' development
    • Robotic Technology Trend Report Research Insight 5
      Robotic Surveillance
      Home monitoring turns to automated robots
    • Robotic Technology Trend Report Research Insight 6
      Robotic Retail
      Traditional retailers experiment with robot-driven customer assistance

    Pooling expertise with a goal towards automating the medical sector

    From automation solutions for greater efficiency in hospitals to robotics for the operating rooms Techfocus Medical Robotics is shaping the medical technology of tomorrow.

    The Techfocus Medical Robotics division was founded with the sole objective of redeveloping tried and trusted Techfocus robots to meet the specific demands of the medical technology sector. The division collaborates with strong partners and has a dedicated team of experts boasting subject-specific expertise.